Dynamics of Air

How do designers, artists, scientists and researchers work with an intangible atmospheric medium such as air? Explore it, alter it, adjust it, feel it, smell it, walk through it, languish in it?

This highly innovative exhibition showcases design and creative practice research, capturing the beauty, dynamics and sensuality of air in our built environment and its critical role in designing for a zero carbon future.

Bringing together leading local and international practicing designers, artists, architects, researchers and students, Dynamics of Air explores radical innovations for creative sustainability in design and the built environment.

Through a stunning survey of commissioned and current projects, this exhibition will engage with the interface of air, lived space and architecture. Dynamics of Air will explore themes of aesthetics and representation, experiential environments and atmospheres, inflatable structures, architectural surface and microturbulence.

Artists – Transsolar: Thomas Auer (Germany); Breathe Earth Collective:  Lisa Maria Enzenhofer, Markus Jeschaunig, Bernhard König (Austria); Friedrich von Borries (Germany); CITA: Phil Ayres (England), Danica Pistekova (Slovakia), Maria Teudt (Denmark), Petras Vestartas (Lithuania); Chris Cottrell (New Zealand); Edith Kollath (Germany); Mikael Mikael (Germany); Philippe Rahm Architects (France / Switzerland); Enric Ruiz-Geli (Spain); Little Wonder: Gyungju Chyon (Korea), John Sadar (Canada); From Australia: Jane Burry, Helen Dilkes, Leslie Eastman, Natasha Johns-Messenger, Mehrnoush Latifi, Phred Petersen, Daniel Prohasky, Cameron Robbins, Malte Wagenfeld, Simon Watkins.

Opening night: Thursday 13 September 6-8 pm  BOOKINGS

Opening speakers – Prof. Thomas Auer and H.E. Dr Anna Prinz

Thomas Auer is partner and managing director of Transsolar, an international climate-engineering firm, and professor for Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design at the TU Munich.

H.E. Dr Anna Prinz is the German Ambassador to Australia.

In partnership with the Goethe-Institut



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