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The Image Looks Back: digital catalogue

In an era of post truth, fake news, and manipulated images, The Image Looks Back explores the reconfiguration of photography, asking how notions of…


Museum of Me: digital catalogue

Museum of Me brings creativity and cultural inspiration into the light at a time when many of us may feel we have been…

Melbourne Modern Exhibition, 2019


Melbourne Modern: Digital Catalogue

In the wake of World War II hundreds of exiled and displaced European artists, architects and designers arrived in Melbourne and sought…


MasterMakers: Digital Catalogue

MasterMakers (6 September—9 November, 2019) Exhibition Catalogue For over two decades, leading Australian and international Gold and Silversmithing artists have delivered and…


Melbourne Modern Education Kit

Melbourne Modern: European Art and Design at RMIT since 1945 (21 June – 17 August) traces a legacy of European intervention and…


Chaos and Order, 120 years of collecting at RMIT

  Chaos & Order: 120 years of collecting at RMIT (13 April–9 June) at RMIT Gallery showcases a wide range of Australian and international…


The Model Citizen – e-catalogue

The persistent issues of who is and is not an Australian citizen are creatively explored in The Model Citizen. RMIT Gallery is…

Monika Behrens, Echo II, 2016. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney.


Analogue Art in a Digital World

Painting, that most traditional of ‘analogue art’ mediums, has acquired a digital accent. This is the focus of a major new exhibition…