execute_photography – Digital Catalogue

Both an exploration and a provocation, execute_photography features work by Australian and international artists speculating on the social and political ramifications on photography’s recent transformations and its possible afterlives. 

Artists include: Memo Akten, Amrita Hepi, Max Pinckers and Dries Depoorter, Rosa Menkman, Sara Oscar, J. Rosenbaum, Sebastian Schmieg and Alan Warburton

Exhibition Curators: Alison Bennett, Shane Hulbert, Daniel Palmer, Katrina Sluis 


Sara Oscar, Counterfactual departures (Bangkok Winter Garden series), 2023, AI generated image. Image courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition1 Mar – 4 May 2024


Photography is constantly dying and being reborn. AI represents the latest stage of photography’s transformation into a software output, cannibalising the camera…