Malte Wagenfeld 'Aesthetics of air' 2011. Photo by Mark Ashkanasy.
    Malte Wagenfeld 'Aesthetics of air' 2011. Photo by Mark Ashkanasy.
    Malte Wagenfeld 'Aesthetics of air' 2011. Photo by Mark Ashkanasy.


Explorations of Air: Curator’s talk with Malte Wagenfeld and Jane Burry

1 Nov 5:30pm -
1 Nov 6:30pm

344 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC


Malte Wagenfeld, Jane Burry

Join Dr Malte Wagenfeld, Senior Lecturer of Industrial Design at RMIT and Professor Jane Burry, Dean of Design at Swinburne University, when they discuss the invisible element essential for life – air – the inspiration for their exhibition Dynamics of Air at RMIT Gallery, presented in partnership with the Goethe-Institut.

The curators have both been investigating air and design over a long period, but from slightly different perspectives. Wagenfeld explores its experiential qualities and microclimates; he investigates how these can be manipulated as ‘design material’ to create healthier, more liveable and engaging spatial environments for relaxed, productive, environmentally responsible habitation.

Burry, as an architect with a strong focus on mathematics, explores the opportunities for leveraging digital, real-time simulation and feedback to create better, more sensitive, human-centric spaces. By manipulating geometry and materiality within the design, architecture can fine-tune the acoustic, thermal and air flow aesthetics for higher quality, energy efficient environments.

Within this exhibition audiences will also be able to ‘feel’ and experience different environments and be challenged through the very act of breathing. All while encountering different concepts and visualisations of this invisible medium.

Join the curators as they explain their thoughts and motivations behind the exhibition and hopefully spark some public debate and knowledge sharing about how we live in built environments.

Dynamics of Air (14 Sept – 17 Nov) at RMIT Gallery is a new exhibition curated by Malte Wagenfeld showcasing specially commissioned works by designers, creative practitioners and engineers that captures the beauty, dynamics and sensuality of air in our built environment.


Images: Malte Wagenfeld, Aesthetics of air, 2011. RMIT Gallery exhibition, installation photos by Mark Ashkanasy.


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