Phred Petersen, 'Bottle Cap Gas Dynamics'.
    Phred Petersen, 'HD Match'.
    Phred Petersen, 'Toroid and bubble'.


Scientific Photography: Phred Petersen – artist talk

9 Oct 12:30pm -
9 Oct 1:30pm

344 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC


Phred Petersen

Dive in to the world of scientific photography and the studies of supersonic motion, when artist Phred Petersen walks you through his work for the Dynamics of Air Exhibition, presented by RMIT Gallery in partnership with the Goethe-Institut.

A recognized expert in scientific photography, Petersen is an expert in Schlieren Photography. This highly technical visual process was invented in 1864 by German physicist August Toepler, and is used to study supersonic motion. It involves two optically matched parabolic mirrors to create photographs and videos which reveal invisible changes in air.

Petersen works with specialised equipment including a large-scale camera that is 12 metres long. The resulting images are mesmerizing, and as Petersen points out, Schlieren photography “allows us to see things that are transparent and normally pass us by completely because our eye doesn’t pick it up.”

During this artist talk, Petersen will explain the techniques and processes behind this highly specialised photography and discuss its scientific importance and visual intrigue.

Dynamics of Air is a new exhibition curated by Malte Wagenfeld showcasing specially commissioned works by designers, creative practitioners and engineers that captures the beauty, dynamics and sensuality of air in our built environment.


Images courtesy of Phred Petersen.


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