Dynamics of air: Hybrid Forests

19 February 2019


Highlights Hybrid Forests

  • Breathe Earth Collective develops new ways of dealing with interrelations of architecture, natural ecosystems, air and climate.
  • The Aerosol allows visitors to inhale breathable saline aerosols and ethereal oils.
  • Creating a connection between nature and traditions.
  • Working with Australian materials such as local salt and plants.
  • Bringing natural processes into our urban environments.


Bernhard König “ We thought about how we are going to produce this great Austrian air, how to make people inhale, and to emphasise not only the forest but the humidity along with the acoustics.”

Markus Jeschaunig –“We had to work in an indoor space so we thought about how we can create a breathing experience inside. So you feel cool air without any technology, without electricity, nothing.”

Lisa Maria Enzenhofer “We worked with Australian materials which local Aboriginal groups used such as specific plants for different purposes. Melaleuca was used to burn and create smoke during ceremonies to ease one’s mind and body. We wanted to follow this connection, in our choice of materials, between nature and tradition; it’s an important part of this work”