Dynamics of air: Climate & Design




Click here to listen Climate & Design – Thomas Auer & Edith Kollath talk with the Curator 14/09/18

Highlights Discussed

Malte Wagenfeld-  We used to think of the atmosphere as a sort of medium that comes into it and then it disappears and its endless, but we now know it’s quite clear that it’s not endless. Air is finite and it’s a medium we share. It’s about the idea of breath as an event that repeats.”

Edith Kollarth – “The human breath has three phases. Inhaling, the pause and then there is the exhaling, which is the phase of breath where we express ourselves. We cannot express ourselves while inhaling; when we speak, when we sing, when we yell – these are the phases of exhaling. In a sense my work is also an image for the creative process in itself. So it’s like the inspiration and expression and then the pause is needed to create.”

Thomas Auer – “What I find very interesting is as engineers and architects we always try to control the environment and suddenly what we get here, we can’t control it and so this is a very beautiful way of making us aware of those that we always having a fully controlled environment.”