Making is Knowing

19 Sep 7:30am -
19 Sep 8:30am

RMIT Gallery
344 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Eli Giannini, Tassia Joannides & Prof Michael Trudgeon RMIT


The panel discussion ‘Making is Knowing’ – part of the RMIT Gallery contemporary jewellery exhibition MasterMakers – explores the process of making to drive design development and transformation of materials. It relates to ways of ‘getting to know materials’ through durational labour and a making process that considers working with materials as a constant process of learning and sometimes play.

It is an intimate method of working with hand/craft skills (and/or technologies), and of constant creating, usually in response to a possibly unanswerable question, or desire to understand something.

Making is a significant part of our ability to know or to create new knowledge.


Convenor: Prof Kit Wise, Dean, RMIT School of Art

Artists: Eli Giannini, Tassia Joannides & Prof Michael Trudgeon RMIT, Design Director Crowd Productions


Workshop documentation from IF YOU WERE A BOWERBIRD…the art of seduction, masterclass led by Lucy Sarneel, 2014

Image by Lindy McSwan