Curator’s Floor talk

6 Sep 12:30pm -
6 Sep 1:30pm

RMIT Gallery
344 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Mark Edgoose


Join MasterMakers curator Mark Edgoose as he takes discusses his contemporary jewellery exhibition MasterMakers.

“MasterMakers explores the masterclass legacy and records the cultural, artistic and technical shift in contemporary jewellery and object practice. The artists in this exhibition are defining contemporary craft practice. They occupy a place that tests our understanding of contemporary gold and silversmithing in new and unexpected ways.

“Each artist brings their own perspective through pursuing their personal subjects, bringing new and unusual solutions, new configurations. We begin to navigate the artworks in terms of the relationships that occur between artist and object.

“However, as we step back we and view the exhibition as a whole, we become aware of the almost atmospheric bringing together of the objects in the exhibition and the relationships the objects have to one another and how this effects the way the viewer defines and regards the object in the process of experiencing it. Underpinning this exchange is a sustained craft practice based in making, skill and materials.”