Future U

Are we ready for the future…are we ready for Future U 

Speculative and emotionally charged, Future U responds to the complex possibilities of the rapid acceleration and convergence of technologies and its impact what it means to be human.

A powerful blend of science and science fiction, Future U connects artists and researchers to provide creative responses to the potential implications of the rapid developments in AI and biotechnology which are challenging our deeply held beliefs and values as a species, questioning whether sentience, intelligence, creativity, love, empathy, compassion and memory are still the privileges of humans alone.

The fundamental urge of humanity is to transform our bodies, minds and the world around us, and in turn to be captivated by stories of transformation. Future U explores our fascination with making machines that replicate humans, while at the same time augmenting our bodies and minds with technology.

The potential of future humanity dwells in our collective dreams, ambitions and responsibilities. Are we ready to accept our shared connections and responsibility to all living organisms on this planet?

Will we embrace and give rights to lifeforms we create – the augmented humans, artificial humans, hybrid lifeforms and machines that may be physically stronger and more intelligent, empathetic and creative than us?

And as we aim for the stars, are we prepared for death and burial rituals on another planet?

Curators Jonathan Duckworth and Evelyn Tsitas

Artists including  Bettina von Arnim, Holly Block, Karen Casey, Jonathan Duckworth, Peter Ellis, Jake Elwes, Alexi Freeman, Libby Heaney, Leah Heiss, James Hullick, Amy Karle, Mario Klingemann, Pia Interlandi, Zhuying Li, Christian Mio Loclair, Maina-Miriam Munsky, Patricia Piccinini, Stelarc, Deborah Wargon.

Image: Patricia Piccinini, Teenage Metamorphosis, 2016. Silicone, fibreglass, human hair, found objects, edition 1 of 3, 1 AP. Image courtesy of Tolarno Galleries.

Supporting partners:

Story by Evelyn Tsitas