Future U

5 Jun 11:00am -
22 Aug 5:00pm

RMIT Gallery
Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC, Australia


Jonathan Duckworth & Evelyn Tsitas

Are we ready for the possibilities of the future…are we ready for Future U 

Speculative and emotionally charged, Future U responds to the complex possibilities of AI and biotechnology and its impact on society. A powerful blend of science and science fiction, the exhibition connects artists and researchers to explore the potential implications of the rapid developments in technology which are challenging our deeply held beliefs and values about what it means to be human.

The fundamental urge of humanity is to transform our bodies, minds and the world around us, and in turn to be captivated by stories of transformation. Future U explores our dual fascination with making machines that replicate humans, while at the same time augmenting our bodies with technology, questioning whether sentience, intelligence, creativity, love, compassion and reproduction are still the privileges of those born and not made.

The potential of future humanity dwells in our collective dreams, ambitions and nightmares. What does it now mean to be human in the Age of AI? What does it mean to be a machine? What information can we trust in a post-truth, post-privacy digitised world? How far can technology manipulate what it means to be human…and how far might we – and should we -go to enhance and prolong the quality of life?

Curators Jonathan Duckworth and Evelyn Tsitas

Artists including Paul Beckett, Holly Block, Matiu Bush, Karen Casey, Peter Ellis, Jake Elwes, Jonathan Duckworth, Libby Heaney, Leah Heiss, James Hullick, Emma Luke, Glenn Matthews, Patricia Piccinini, Georgie Pinn, Stelarc.

Image: Patricia Piccinini, Teenage Metamorphosis, 2016. Silicone, fibreglass, human hair, found objects, edition 1 of 3, 1 AP. Image courtesy of Tolarno Galleries.