Future U: podcast

Future U explores what it means to be human during a time of rapid technological acceleration. The exhibition presents creative responses to developments in artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology. While innovation in these areas offers amazing possibilities, it also poses questions and presents challenges to our beliefs and values.

In this podcast, host Aeden Ratcliffe interviews and discusses the exhibition with co-curators Dr Evelyn Tsitas and Associate Professor Jonathan Duckworth and exhibitors Dr Pia Interlandi and Alexi Freeman.

Interlandi talks about designing garments for the grave and what might change when death happens on another planet, like Mars. Freeman discusses his practice using biowaste to make textiles, a sustainable practice likely to be increasingly necessary in the future. And Duckworth talks about his interactive work, ‘Disruptive Critters’, which provide a humorous exploration of future creativity and digital disruption.

With thanks to the podcast host, Aeden Ratcliffe, and speakers, Dr Evelyn Tsitas, Associate Professor Jonathan Duckworth, Dr Pia Interlandi and Alexi Freeman. Produced with the assistance of the RMIT Digital Content team.