Stelarc’s StickMan / miniStickMan performance for Future U

‘StickMan / miniStickMan’ is an interactive installation that uses an algorithm to operate a full-body robotic exoskeleton. For this special durational performance, Stelarc embodied the robotic structure and allowing audiences to interact with his extended body. Visitors choreographed ‘miniStickMan’, a small robot, which relays to the larger sculptural structure—’StickMan’, which encased the artist.

This interactive installation coincided with the closing day of ‘Future U’ on Saturday 26 February at RMIT Gallery.

Work credits: Sound Design: Petros Vouris, Engineering: Tim Jewell, Programming: Steve Berrick, Audio Engineer: Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd, Technical Consultant: Steven Alyian.

Video credits: Videography: Tim McLeod, Jonty Ransome and Ari Sharp, Audio: Simon Maisch, Production Coordinator: Erik North, Video editing: Stelarc.