Analogue art in a digital world

How do artists find new content in digital media? How has technology altered the nature of analogue art practices? Analogue art in a digital world presents a survey of contemporary artists who use the analogue practices of painting and drawing to create artworks that engage with or are influenced by digital visual culture.

The exhibition will explore how artists are finding new content in digital media and how technology has altered the nature of analogue art practices.

Language shapes the way we think and the dominant visual medium influences the way we see the world. Many contemporary artists use digital technology in the process of creating artworks. Digital photography, Photoshop, and Google images are standard tools for painters. The sketch book has been replaced by a desktop folder.

In addition to practical uses of technology, digital aesthetics have crept into analogue painting. The invention of photography had a profound impact on painting in the nineteenth century and now digital technology has reinvigorated analogue traditions of art making, pushing representational painting and drawing in fascinating new directions.


Artists: Monika Behrens, Natasha Bieniek, Chris Bond, Andrew Browne, Magda Cebokli, Simon Finn, Juan Ford, Stephen Haley, Michelle Hamer, Kate Just, Sam Leach, Tony Lloyd, Amanda Marburg, Viv Miller, Jan Nelson, Becc Ország, David Ralph, Datsun Tran, Darren Wardle, Alice Wormald.


Opening night: Thursday 6 December


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