New Trends Of Architecture In Europe And Asia-Pacific 2004–2005

This internationally touring exhibition creates dynamic encounters between Europe, Asia and the Pacific through architecture, a diverse art form.

The selected works represent the architects and city planners who are generating a new art of global living, but instead of defining a universal approach we see a network of endless diversity. The exhibition includes 20 architects from Europe and the Asia-Pacific and will be shown in Australia, China, France, Ireland, Japan and Korea.


Austria: BKK-3 ZT GmbH, Finland: Ocean North, France: dECoi Architects, Germany: Jurgen Mayer H, Ireland: Hassett Ducates Architects, Italy: Elastico, Netherlands: Rene van zuuk Architecten bv, Portugal: Didier Fiuza Faustino, Slovenia: Sadar Vuga Arhitekti, Spain: RCR Arquitectes (Rafael Aranda, Carne Pigem, Ramon Vilalta),.


Australia: Kerstin Thompson, China: Chang Yung Ho, Hong Kong: Rocco Yim, Korea: Yi Jong Ho, Malaysia: ZLG Sdn Bhd, Japan: Atelier Bow-Wow, Shigeru Ban, Nobuaki Furuya, Kengo Kuma, Sei Takeyama.

This is a travelling exhibition organised by “New Trends of Architecture in Europe and Asia-Pacific” Committee, Lille 2004 European Capital of Culture, Home Affairs Bureau, Hong Kong Special Administration Region, Cork 2005 European Capital of Culture, and RMIT University, Melbourne.


New trends of architecture

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