Ainslie Murray – Intangible Architecture

Munich-based Sydney architect and artist Ainslie Murray’s work is an invisible architecture of the air using light and shadows to point to a new way of understanding space and the way we move in it.

In these works abstract spaces are formed by hand, characterised by time-taking detail and the repetitive, ritualistic gestures of pattern making. The moving, productive bodies that danced these structures into being have now departed, and all that remains is the physical trace of that process; the works themselves become a memory of inhabitation. Space quivers, fragile materialities float away leaving only the body in space, content in its imaginings of the spatial history of the built environment.



Ainslie Murray, Chelle Macnaughtan, Malte Wagenfeld Artist Talks

RMIT Gallery Artist Talk featuring Ainslie Murray, Chelle Macnaughtan, Malte WagenfeldRMIT Gallery Artist Talk featuring Ainslie Murray discussing her work Intangible Architecture,…


Chelle Macnaughtan, Ainslie Murray & Malte Wagenfeld

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