Archives of Feeling: Trauma, Knowledge, Empathy

The complex repercussions of traumatic experiences, whether collective or individual, are often feelings we navigate alone. Archives of Feeling imagines new ways of sharing the felt dimensions of trauma. In this exhibition, artists share personal connections, lived experiences and the impacts of trauma on themselves and their communities. Collectively, they form an archive of works that navigate the trauma of institutions, colonialism and isolation. 

Combining creative practice with socially-engaged models of community collaboration, Archives of Feeling transforms the gallery into a living, growing and sensorial archive of feelings, encouraging us to explore, learn and unlearn. Spanning RMIT Gallery and Design Hub Gallery, this exhibition presents practical and thought-provoking resources for living with trauma, offering new ways of archiving experience and of experiencing archives. 

Includes the following projects and artists: Rushdi Anwar, Peta Clancy, Maree Clarke, Graeme Doyle, UNSW fEEL Lab, Julie Gough, Jenny Hickinbotham, Brian McKinnon, Rebecca Moran, Dominic Redfern, Mariela Sancari, T-collective and Julie Watkins. T-collective includes Simon Crosbie, Mig Dann, Yi Won Park, and Jude Worters.

Collectively curated by: Kelly Hussey-Smith, Grace McQuilten, Helen Rayment and Andrew Tetzlaff, and with the support of Jill Bennett, Renata Kokanovic and a community advisory.

Exhibition Catalogue: Archives of Feeling exhibition catalogue

This exhibition is being presented at multiple venues:

Accessibility resources: For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, RMIT Gallery offers the hire of iPads which feature captioned versions of artworks that include sound. To access one of these iPads, please approach our Front of House staff who will be able to check one out to you for use in the exhibition spaces.

Partners: This exhibition is a part of The Big Anxiety.



Archives of Feeling: digital catalogue

RMIT Culture is pleased to publish a digital catalogue for the exhibition ‘Archives of Feeling,’ which showcased at RMIT Gallery and RMIT…

Image of Julie Gough sitting infront of a library of books smiling at the camera. Julie is wearing a deep red tshirt and a pair of black framed glasses. Her hair is short.

Event7 Oct 2022

Artist Talk with Julie Gough and RMIT Galleries Senior Curator Andrew Tetzlaff

Artist Talk with Julie Gough and RMIT Galleries Senior Curator Andrew Tetzlaff RMIT Gallery 1pm, Friday October 7 Join artist Julie Gough…

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T Collective Artist Talk for Archives of Feeling 27/10/2022

Artist talk with T Collective for the exhibition ‘Archives of feeling’ on the 27th of October 2022. T-collective comprises a group of…

Julie Gough sitting in a chair in front of a library.


Julie Gough in conversation with Andrew Tetzlaff

Senior Curator Andrew Tetzlaff talks with artist Julie Gough regarding her new work made for the ‘Archives of Feeling’ exhibition at RMIT…

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Perspectives of Agency and Resilience

Artist Talk with T-collective and Curator Grace McQuilten RMIT Gallery 12pm, Thursday October 27 Artist group T-collective bring distinct perspectives of agency…

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Songs of Unknowing

Songs of Unknowing RMIT Gallery 5 – 7pm, Thursday 10 November Songs of Unknowing: a musical response to the patient archives of…