Tintin Wulia: Secrets

Tintin Wulia is an Indonesian Australian artist whose work reflects on globalisation and geopolitics and uses personal stories to unpick and lay them bare. For over 20 years she has researched the histories that have been told by the world’s dominant narrators, scrutinising their blindspots and systemic inequities and retelling them from nonconforming perspectives. Wulia’s recounting brings the past powerfully into the present and centres it on the voices of the periphery. Her works decode, reinterpret and represent history, orienting us to the current global situation in an effort to help collectively navigate towards a more socially just future. 

Tintin Wulia: Secrets is an exhibition produced by RMIT Culture to celebrate Wulia as an RMIT alumna and internationally significant artist. It is prepared in conjunction with Wulia’s artistic research project at the University of Gothenburg entitled Protocols of Killings: 1965, distance, and the ethics of future warfare funded by the Swedish Research Council (2020-02828), and is co-supported by various institutions and collaborators. 

Curator: Andrew Tetzlaff 

Image: Tintin Wulia, A Thousand and One Martian Nights (still), 2017, single-channel video projection, surveillance camera, telematic structure, screening room, 38 min 1 sec, Image courtesy of the artist, BAIK ART, Jakarta, and Milani Gallery, Meanjin/Brisbane.


Event6 Dec 2023

Telling Secrets

Performance and discussion with artist Tintin Wulia and RMIT Culture Senior Curator Andrew Tetzlaff Join us for a lecture-performance followed by an…