The Magic Touch

Exhibition with Gerd Rothmann, renowned Munich Goldsmith.

Gerd Rothmann’s work explores the relationship of jewellery and the human body through the concept of duplication and reflection. In Ten fingers at the neck the leitmotif of the fingerprint as the unique mark of the individual pervades the work, forming an impressed pattern of human marks in this articulated necklace. Rothmann suggests that the fingerprints on this necklace were those of his client’s lovers, creating an intensely personal record of a relationship while also bringing a sinister shade to the work, as the heavy square links circle and imprint themselves on the soft skin of the neck. The forensic anxiety implicit in these skin casts is further underlined by their translation into gold, the material of desire and possession, and the signifier of value and exchange


Sean O’Connell, Jorgumander Chain

Exhibition1 Nov – 20 Dec 2006

Baubles, Bangles and Beads: Australian Contemporary Jewellery

Baubles, Bangles and Beads highlights the range, quality and inventiveness of Australian contemporary jewellery design. The exhibition focuses on individual items borrowed…

Beyond Metal: Contemporary Australian Jewellery and Holloware

Exhibition5 Jun – 19 Aug 2008

Beyond Metal: Contemporary Australian Jewellery and Holloware

Beyond Metal showcases the work of 27 of Australia’s finest jewellery and holloware practitioners. Australia’s jewellery and holloware combines the raw aesthetic…

Casa Mia Giorgio Cecchetto

Exhibition17 Jun – 14 Aug 2011

Gioielli d’Autore – Padova e la Scuola dell’oro

Curated by the City of Padua, Gioielli d’Autore – Padova e la Scuola dell’oro features more than 150 works by 16 of…

Joungmee Do, Object Container, copper, steel, gilding metal, 925 sterling silver, fine silver, pure gold, monel, H200 x Ø 120mm, W150 x W134 Ø 100mm

Exhibition15 Aug – 17 Sep 2005

Buda Contemporary Australian Silver And Metalwork Award

This exhibition presents the work of professional and student metalsmiths vying for a series of awards. This travelling exhibition was established in…