Joungmee Do, 'Object Container'.
    Joungmee Do, 'Object Container'.
    Joungmee Do, 'Object Container'.


Buda Contemporary Australian Silver And Metalwork Award

15 Aug 2005 -
17 Sep 2005

RMIT Gallery
Victoria, Australia


This exhibition presents the work of professional and student metalsmiths vying for a series of awards.

This travelling exhibition was established in 1988 to commemorate the work of colonial gold and silversmith Ernest Leviny, who lived at Buda in Castlemaine.

It is the leading event in Australia for the promotion of contemporary gold and silversmiths and jewellers – celebrating innovation, excellence in design and the traditions of the craft in a contemporary context.



Diane Appleby, Roseanne Bartley, Vito Bila, Sean Booth, Shirley Cho, David Clayton, Simon Cottrell, Joung Mee Do, Mark Edgoose, Maureen Faye-Chauhan, Marcus Foley, Stephen Gallagher, Kirsten Haydon, Glen Henke, Marian Hosking, Rik Juod, Daehoon Kang, Hong-rye Kim, Shanyn Linklater, Glenice Mathews, Vanessa Raimondo, Amy Renshaw, Gilbert Riedelbauch, Christopher Robertson, Beatrice Schlabowsky, Dore Stockhausen, Louisa Vilde