Contemporary Lacquer Art from Taiwan

Discover the secrets behind lacquer ware from the experts.

“There is a mounting wave of popular fascination with traditional Asian art and craft techniques which is matched by an intrigued recognition of the various modernisms that underpin form and content,” Director of RMIT Gallery, Suzanne Davies said. “Lacquer ware has a long history as a highly-skilled technique for creating astonishingly beautiful effects. This exhibition represents an unprecedented opportunity for the Australian public to experience how contemporary artists negotiate and reinterpret this age-old traditional craft.”

Ms Davies added that RMIT Gallery has an established respect for the contemporary application of traditional craft skills, as seen in the ground breaking exhibition at the gallery in October 2000 of painted porcelain busts by celebrated contemporary Australian-Chinese artist Ah Xian.

The exhibition featured lacquer ware by more than 28 established and new Taiwanese artisans, many of whom have won major prizes.

The Taiwanese lacquer ware exhibition was initiated by the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute and supported by the Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan.




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