A Room Without A View: Gosia Wlodarczak

Artist Gosia Wlodarczak will be enclosed in a specially designed sensory limitation cube in RMIT Gallery, drawing without any exposure to the outside world.

Between 10.30 am and 5 pm daily – until 5 July – artist Gosia Wlodarczak will be enclosed in a specially designed sensory limitation cube in RMIT Gallery, drawing without any exposure to the outside world – literally ‘drawing’ what she can see in the space around her. Audiences can view the drawing in progress via the live web cam streaming onto a screen within the gallery. This unique creative situation is in contrast to the artist’s socially focused practice.

After 17 days, Gosia will stop drawing and emerge from the cube to talk about her experience. Audiences will then be able to enter the space to reflect on the work. The project uses the language of drawing to investigate what Gosia describes as “an ongoing search for the reassurance, for the ‘material proof’ of my existence.”

“This project will be an experiment where I deliberately deny myself the complex stimuli of my senses, especially sense of sight,” Gosia said.

“By performing/creating my work while enclosed inside a small empty cube with black walls, ceiling and floor, I recall the experience of a person in solitary confinement, unable to experience the change, exchange and complexity of the world outside, or an embryo in the womb experiencing the womb as the whole universe.”

Gosia always draws her environment as she sees it, in real time – tracing and re-tracing the visible. The intention with A Room Without a View, as with her other projects, is for Gosia to record the present time in a continuous moment, to archive her space-time, all bits of present and her mind’s realization of now. She will try to translate her living energy into the drawn line.

“Isolation can distort my everyday perception of time-space which I see as always crossed/overlapped with time-spaces of others. During my short isolation I am going to probe and examine the effects of loneliness within the drawing and the possible mutation of conversation with my inner-self,” Gosia says.

“My aim is to create a new drawn reality, as tangible as the line structure can be. Gradually, as it organically expands across the wall of the room, I will live inside the drawing.”


Gosia Wlodarczak interview with Vincent O’Donnell Arts Alive! (iTunes)


Public program

Date: Friday, 5 July 2013
Time: 1.00pm – 2.00pm
Cost: Free.


Gosia will emerge from the isolation cube to speak about her experience. Audiences will be able to view the drawing in the cube for the remainder of the exhibition.



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