Performing Mobilities

Expositions and mobile performances that explore and reimagine movement, place and event with local relevance and global resonance.

This exhibition of new Australian and international work explores and reimagines systems of movement, place and event through challenging creative practices and ideas.

Curated by Mick Douglas, this exhibition seeks to creatively and critically explore forms, forces, dynamics, meanings and consequences of performing mobility through a program of new experimental work.

Performing Mobilities explores how contemporary life in Australia, the world’s largest island continent, is framed by borders whilst constantly being reconstructed through dynamic processes of mobility. The works encompass the performing, visual, new media and social and spatial arts, revealing tensions around movement of people migrating lands or crossing a city; the movement of cultural ideas and social practices; the movement of matter through time and across space and through transformations of state; and the movement of non-human species and other than human forces.

For example, the exhibition features the powerful work Beheld by British artist Graeme Miller, and a new interactive work PAN & ZOOM by Jondi Keane and Kaya Barry. Since 2003 Miller has visited sites where stowaways have fallen from aircraft, including Australia, and in response, the artist has created an intimate and resonant audio-visual installation experience that connects its audience with this disturbing phenomenon. Keane and Barry’s interactive performance installation of expanded image-making and viewing invites visitors to collaborate in making digital images and film in order to re-explore relations between media technologies and embodied experience.

Mobile performances, depart from the gallery inviting participants to walk with the artist, including New Zealand artist Angela Kilford’s Walking on Fallow Lands #2, and British artist Bill Aitchison’s Tour of All Tours.

Full program details and updates, including companion curators and supporting partners, are online at Performing Mobilities Network.

Performing Mobilities is the Australian program of Fluid States – a globally distributed performance research project taking place in a sequence of 15 different locations over 2015.

Story by Evelyn Tsitas

Exhibiting artists: Mammad Aidani, Omid Movafagh, Mike Fard, Mohsen Panahi and Hoda Kazemitame; Chris Barry; Lucy Bleach; Mick Douglas; Paul Gazzola and Nadia Cusimano with plan b; Jondi Keane and Kaya Barry; La Jete (IT); Graeme Miller (UK); Open Spatial Workshop; Punctum; David Thomas and Laurene Vaughan.

Mobile performances: Bill Aitchison (UK); Kim Donaldson; Ceri Hann, Benjamin Cittadini, Fiona Hillary & Shanti Sumartojo; Deirdre Heddon (UK); Angela Kilford (NZ); Shaun McLeod, Peter Fraser, Olivia Millard, Sophia Cowen & Victor Renolds; Sasha Grbich & Heidi Angove; Eddie Paterson and Lara Stevens; Brian Ritchie and Stuart Tanner; Sam Trubridge (NZ).


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Performing Mobilities

Dates: 25 SEPTEMBER 2015 – 24 OCTOBER 2015 Location: RMIT Gallery, City campus Performing Mobilities – Expositions and mobile performances that explore…


Performing Mobilities

Performing Mobilities is an exhibition of new Australian and international work that explores and reimagines systems of movement, place and event through…


Graeme Miller: Beheld and Beyond – Performing Mobilities artist talk

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