Graeme Miller: Beheld and Beyond – Performing Mobilities artist talk

UK artist Graeme Miller discusses the evolution of his installation Beheld, which documents sites where stowaways have tragically fallen from planes. His work is part of the RMIT Gallery Performing Mobilities exhibition 25 September – 24 October 2015.

Image: Graeme Miller, ‘Beheld’ (2006-2015). Photograph by Mark Ashkanasy, RMIT Gallery, 2015.


Graeme Miller, Beheld, (detail, Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom), 2006-2015. Photograph Graeme Miller, courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition25 Sep – 24 Oct 2015

Performing Mobilities

Expositions and mobile performances that explore and reimagine movement, place and event with local relevance and global resonance. This exhibition of new…

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Performing Mobilities

Dates: 25 SEPTEMBER 2015 – 24 OCTOBER 2015 Location: RMIT Gallery, City campus Performing Mobilities – Expositions and mobile performances that explore…


Performing Mobilities

Performing Mobilities is an exhibition of new Australian and international work that explores and reimagines systems of movement, place and event through…