RMIT Art Collection Online

Launch of the RMIT Art Collection Online
25 March 2015 at RMIT Gallery

Watch Jon Buckingham, Collections coordinator, RMIT Gallery and Suzanne Davies, Director & Chief Curator, RMIT Gallery talk about the online launch of the RMIT University Art Collection.


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Christian Thompson, 'The Devil Made Him Do It'


Introduction to RMIT Gallery

RMIT Gallery is Melbourne’s most vibrant public art and design gallery. With changing exhibitions of Australian and international works exploring all aspects…

Behind the scenes of the RMIT Art Collection. Photo by Tobias Titz (2016).

Exhibition1 Jul – 20 Aug 2016


Quiddity explores the ways in which our approach to artworks can change outside the context of a traditional gallery setting. Quiddity takes…

Lisa Roet, Chimpanzee Hands

Exhibition22 May – 14 Jul 2014

Revelations: Sculpture from the RMIT Art Collection

For the first time, a selection of key sculptural works from the RMIT University Art Collection will be displayed at RMIT Gallery…