Change-making beyond the catwalk

Fashion journalist and sustainability expert Clare Press hosts an panel that reveals change-making is as diverse as the fashion world itself. Everyone can make a dierence — as consumer, designer or industry-professional. She is joined by German designer Ina Budde and Melinda Tually, the driving force behind the Fashion Revolution Australia/NZ, as well as David Giles-Kaye, CEO of The Council of Textile and Fashion.

Change-making beyond the catwalk on July 21, 2017, is presented by RMIT Gallery/Goethe-Institut as part of the provocative new exhibition Fast Fashion: The dark side of fashion (21 July – 9 September).


Image: The Life & Struggle of Garment Workers, Taslima Akhter, 2008-2010.


warehouses in Panipat

Exhibition 21 Jul 2017 – 9 Sep 2017

Fast Fashion: The dark side of fashion

Taking a critical look behind the scenes of the fashion industry with an exhibition that undresses the social, economic and environmental impacts…


Ina Budde, German Designer – Fast Fashion

German designer Ina Budde talks about the disposable nature of the fashion industry ahead of the RMIT Gallery’s Fast Fashion exhibition.  …

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Slow Fast Studio: (response to Fast Fashion)

Dates: 21 July – 09 September 2017 Location: RMIT Gallery, City campus As part of Fast Fashion: the dark side of fashion, the Slow…