Jenny Underwood, curator of Slow Fashion Studio

The RMIT Gallery/ Goethe-Institut’s upcoming exhibition Fast Fashion – The dark side of fashion opens on 21 July and takes a critical look behind the scenes of the fashion industry and consumer habits. What’s the true cost of that cheap bargain hanging in your wardrobe?

In response, the exhibition’s Slow Fashion Studio provides an upbeat response, exploring new fashion practices and experiences to bring about positive change, featuring exciting new work from practitioners at RMIT’s School of Fashion and Textiles. Jenny Underwood of RMIT’s School of Fashion and Textiles and the curator of the Slow Fashion Studio, speaks about the upcoming exhibition and its response.


Image: Tania Splawa-Neyman with her installation ‘The Mending Mart’ (2017), for the Slow Fashion exhibition. Photograph by Mark Ashkanazy, RMIT Gallery, 2017.