Exhibitions in 2007

2 Mar – 14 Apr 2007

Fashion Face: Fashion photography by Robyn Beeche 1979-1989

Australian photographer Robyn Beeche’s photographic style moved from the realm of straight fashion photography into that of high art. Based in London…

Alfredo Bouret For Rose Red Vogue 1955

2 Mar – 14 Apr 2007

Fabsolute: the fashion illustration of Alfredo Bouret 1940s-1960s

This exhibition follows fashion illustrator Alfredo Bouret’s career from 1946 through to the early 1960s. Work presented in the exhibition was created…

Rich Text emerging artists and the written word

1 May – 9 Jun 2007

Rich Text emerging artists and the written word

This exhibition of work by 10 artists and two writers explores the allure and integration of the written word into installation, neon,…

New Abstraction

1 May – 9 Jun 2007

New Abstraction RMIT 1965-1985: Leonard Crawford, George Johnson, Grahame King

Crawford, Johnson and King were central to the advancement of non-objective art in Melbourne in the post-war decades. They shared international modernists’…

Jenny Watson, ‘Ballerina‘.

3 May – 9 Jun 2007

Material Evidence: Jenny Watson Works on fabric 1981 – 2005

Jenny Watson is a major figure in contemporary art whose work continues to command an international audience engages by its freshness, gentle…

New trends of architecture

20 Jun – 28 Jul 2007

New trends of architecture in Europe and Asia-Pacific 2006-2007

Architects R & Sie (n) /Francois Roche, Stephanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro (France); B.I.G. Bjarke Ingels Group (former PLOT, Denmark); Polaris architects (Luxembourg);…

Bea Maddock, Four

20 Jun – 28 Jul 2007

Marks & Motifs prints from the PCA collection

This exhibition showcases 45 works commissioned by the Print Council of Australia since the 1960s. Artists Ray Arnold, Tatipai Barsa, Yvonne Boag,…

Joan Ross

17 Aug – 20 Oct 2007

Living Elvis

RMIT Gallery commemorates the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. This exhibition features artwork responding to Elvis’ impact on contemporary…