Working Title: Studio Practice in the RMIT Art Collection

Opening Thursday, 6 June – RSVP here

The studio is a place in which artists conceptualise, experiment, develop and ultimately produce their artworks. Studio practice is different for each maker, some artists confining themselves to the solitude of their workspaces while others take their work outside to their communities.  Whether artworks are made by individuals or collectives, many inevitably meet a similar fate, eventually leaving the studio for exhibition and the next phase of their lives—in the hands of a buyer or collection, historicised alongside their peers.  

Working Title explores the RMIT Art Collection and unearths a rich history of studio practice at RMIT, revealing notable academics, alumni, methods and collaborations across collecting legacies over the past century.

Curator: Lisa Linton

Image credit: Geoffrey Lowe, Interior, 1979. Image: Margund Sallowsky © Geoffrey Lowe 


Event7 Jun 2024

Curatorial Talk, Working Title & The Concentric Influences of Sol LeWitt

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