Sogand Alamdarfard, Remnant, 2019, milk, acrylic and detergent (print technique) on canvas, and Australian beach sand
The new (ab)normal

Sogand Alamdarfard

The pandemic has caused considerable disruption to my studio practice. In an endeavour to cope with the restrictions due to the lockdown, I came up with the idea of working on a piece of embroidery. In the absence of human companionship this artwork has helped me to remain in a balanced state of mind. Living in a sheer solitude, the hours are long, and the days are stretched to eternity, so that in the context of having so much time on my hands, I have embraced a traditional medium and technique that places great meaning in time.   

About the artist

Sogand Alamdarfard is an international student studying MFA by Research at RMIT university. Her discipline is painting, and her contextual research is based on the historical values of the landscape that surrounds her hometown of Kerman in Iran.