Simon Crosbie, Untitled (Portrait 1) 2020, Acrylic, hessian, and handmade paper soaked in watercolour on board 31 x 41cm
The new (ab)normal

Simon Crosbie

COVID-19 has meant doing things the slow way. For me this has entailed creating a series of collage portraits using hessian and handmade paper that is soaked in watercolour. The portraits attempt to address the elusive nature of trauma and memory through materiality. What I have found in the process of creating these works is that they achieve two sets of effects. Using hessian to construct a portrait appears to add a layer over facial features that is mask-like whereas the handmade paper makes for a visceral effect that is more like a layer beneath the surface of the skin. 

About the artist

In 2017 Simon Crosbie commenced his PhD in the School of Art at RMIT. His project draws upon personal experiences of child abuse at a Catholic boarding school. The primary challenge in this project involves having to articulate aspects of memory and affect that are complex, fragmented and sometimes unintelligible.