Kris Coad, 2020, Journey series, Porcelain, H 25 x W 45 x D 46cm
The new (ab)normal

Kris Coad

When I began this body of work, journey, I was thinking about liminal space in response to a time of mass migration and movement of people around the world, some by choice and others by extremely dire circumstances. Then devastating fires began and I was again thinking about that in-between space, the moment between gathering what you need and fleeing. The world has now slowed and paused, and I again respond to the stillness within in the liminal. The memory of what was and the thoughts of what is to come. An immeasurable space between two things as they transition into and between one to the other.  

The gap, the breath, the space between… 

About the artist

Kris Coad is a ceramic artist living and working in Melbourne Australia. She has been a practicing artist for over 30 years, dividing her time between her studio and her work as an educator at RMIT University in Melbourne and Hong Kong.  Kris alternates exhibition work with large and small-scale ceramic commissions, both within Australia and internationally.