Sarah Edwards performing Evening Shawl at the opening of MasterMakers (RMIT Gallery 2019) ready to wrap participants into a hug. Photo by Lauren Dunn
The new (ab)normal

Tassia Joannides

The works in these images were due to travel to the Australian National University in the ACT for an exhibition from 13 May–12 June 2020, unfortunately the show has been cancelled due to Covid-19. Instead the works remain packed and isolated in my office on campus. The images show the works being engaged with in an interactive performance at RMIT Gallery in 2019 as part of the MasterMakers exhibition. The intimate interactions that these pieces create means they are now unlikely to be joining bodies together for some time.


About the artist

Dr. Tassia Joannides is an artist, writer and curator who works across the disciplines of art, craft and design. Her research focuses on contemporary investigations of the body, materials, gender, sexuality and feminism. Tassia is the Coordinator of Art: History + Theory + Cultures at RMIT University.