Cordelia Tam, 2020, Looking out of my kitchen window #1, Photograph, 90x135cm
The new (ab)normal

Cordelia Tam

These photos capture how I continued to work in my flat, when I could not travel to my studio.    

My works were informed by the Taoist notion of “wu wei” and the harmony of human and nature.  The home studio offered a valuable experience of going with the flow during adverse times.  The paper rocks and mountains juxtaposed against the high rise buildings.  The sun and air dried them naturally whether in my spacious studio or on my flat’s air conditioners platform. By being adaptive and flexible, we too can steer away from obstacles and discover new scenes. 

About the artist

Cordelia Tam explores the linkage between human and nature in her works, using everyday materials such as waste office paper combined with themes of conformity to inspire towards harmony in urban life by going along with the flow.  Her works are multidisciplinary and include video, installation, photography and other media.