Christy Chow, 2020, "I am sucked therefore I am”, Marker on Cotton paper
The new (ab)normal

Christy Chow

Being an artist and a mother is tough, especially during the quarantine period when I lost support from my family to free myself from baby caring to art making. Since I became a mother 9 months ago, I have been struggling to strike for a balance. Yet I do believe that there is always a way to make art no matter how little time I have, even just a quick drawing before baby wakes up from his afternoon nap… 

Christy Chow, “I am sucked therefore I am”, 2020, Marker on Cotton paper

About the artist

Hong Kong based artist Christy Chow creates video installations and interactive sculptures that concern humanity, sustainability and social justice. Chow holds a BA from The University of Hong Kong, a BFA from RMIT University and a MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited widely in Hong Kong, USA, Spain and Singapore.