Benjamin Sheppard, SMT…(dance detail) 2016-, Pen on paper, 115 x 150 cm approx
The new (ab)normal

Benjamin Sheppard

Time is strange at the moment. What initially seemed like a possible increase, quickly morphed into a nebulous lack. The machinations of a household negotiating three online learning platforms and two adults working from home fills days. Home schooling melts into life schooling with bread making, kitchen gardening and improvisational game invention. All the while, the body of work due to be exhibited soon slowly expands as impromptu interstitial moments are more easily filled with drawing over writing. The work of my research oddly echoes the ‘Groundhog Day’ that working and playing from home comes to feel like; it is ongoing and definitively unfinishable. 

These works are produced with non-specific pens on paper. They operate together and would ideally be exhibited en masse in a studio/work-space context. Their material nature signals the working, speculative aspect of the doodled scribbles that search for the impossible – an image to represent a nation. The works are dated when they were commenced, are intermittently worked on and considered perpetually ‘in progress’.  

About the Artist

Benjamin Sheppard is a multi-disciplinary Melbourne based artist and associate lecturer in the Bachelor of Fine Art – Drawing. His PhD examines the capacity for ‘works in progress’ to better articulate nationalistic representations. The work sits within contemporary drawing practice interrogating contemporary social, political and identity issues in an Australian context.