Ruins in Reverse

Ashton Raggatt and McDougall were the architects of the new RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall. The novel which tackled the relationship between art and architecture; in particular the predicament faced by art within the new gallery.

The exhibition showcased 14 artists employing unorthodox and prosaic materials (masonite, MDF, cardboard, concrete, vinyl, lurex, fake fur) in works which reference and undermine historical moments of aesthetic purity and transcendence, and interact with RMIT Gallery’s recently renovated interior.

Artists: Lauren Berkowitz, Adam Boyd, Colin Duncan, Hewson/Walker, Shaun Kirby, Christopher Langton, Callum Morton, Rose Nolan, Deborah Ostrow, Kathy Temin, Chris Ulbrick, Chris White, Constanze Zikos.