Out of The Matrix

Out of the Matrix presents artworks from a diverse group of practitioners who employ the various histories and methods of print production to create for our time.

Using the premise of the matrix, from which all prints emanate, Out of the Matrix showcases a group of artists who activate an expanded understanding of print practice.

Curated by Dr Richard Harding, Senior Lecturer of Print Imaging Practice at RMIT, the intention of this exhibition is to evoke an extended sense of history the RMIT printmaking studio generates as much as evidence its present agency within the wider print community.

All practitioners in this exhibition have a connection to the RMIT printmaking studio either as staff or alumni. Oscillating between analogue, digital and spatial positions this exhibition privileges and extends print practice highlighting the universal nature of printmaking today.

By evoking printmaking’s ‘mother’ matrix through reproducibility this exhibition reflects back into printmaking’s multiple pasts to extend and thus project out to imagined futures.

“Print does not necessarily have to be on paper. This folds into notions of the multiple, ready made and mass production. Print has a strong relationship to sculpture and this is highlighted even more by the advent of 3D printing and the move into spatial practice,” said Harding.

“This plays with printmaking qualities such as sameness and difference. Artists use this to springboard to wider concepts such as gender, sexual orientation, the original and the copy.”

The installation of works at RMIT Gallery will run from floor to wall to ceiling and back, to open up new ideas and advance concepts artists are dealing with today, such as the environment, abstraction, and the combination of different media.

“One of the interesting things about artists that are print informed is that they are quite taken with media that do not appear to immediately relate, such as the moving image.”

Enhancing this link is the direct popular cultural connection of the 1999 Wachowskis’ cinematic hit The Matrix.

This science fiction film cross­reference initiates Jean Bauldrillard’s Simulation and Simulacra by means of repetition, the multiple, overlay and moving elements within various dimensions.

The harnessing of space and time within the perceived stasis of print allows these artists based within print practice the fluidity of numerous positions and mediums from which to reflect, make and perform.



Out of the Matrix

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Out of The Matrix

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