Leah Heiss, 'Diabetes Applicator + Loader'.
    Leah Heiss, ' Diabetes Rings'.
    Leah Heiss, 'Arsenic Necklace'.
    Leah Heiss, 'Cross Ring Patch'.
    Leah Heiss, 'Water Vessel'.


Leah Heiss: liminal: diabetes + arsenic

6 Nov 2008 -
22 Nov 2008

RMIT Gallery
Victoria, Australia


This exhibition presents a body of work that has been developed at the threshold of art and science.

Leah Heiss has spent the past 10 months working with nanotechnologists to develop wearable works which address the emotional in therapeutic design. The outcome is a collection of jewellery scale artefacts and vessels which are both delicate yet compelling in their curative applications. Two primary collections will be exhibited during liminal: diabetes + arsenicDiabetes is a range of jewellery which allow insulin to be administered through the skin, replacing syringes. Arsenic encompasses a series of vessels which act to remove arsenic from water and are designed for people in transit in areas where arsenic is prevalent in well water (e.g. India, Bangladesh, United States).

Project supported by Arts Victoria in association with The Australian Network for Art and Technology and Nanotechnology Victoria.