Yong Joo Kim, Studies in Exeru Formation: Recumbent, 2019 No. 1


Insistent. Gestures.

6 Sep 11:00am -
9 Nov 5:00pm

RMIT Gallery
Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC, Australia


Yu Fang Chi

Insistent. Gestures. brings together the work of five artists who live, work or were born in Asia to explore personal narratives, diasporic identity and the use of repetition.

The exhibition considers the role of materials, bodily gestures and the intimate experience of making. These artists share related geographical histories and connections that respond to their stories and experience of making. Through repetitive cutting, assembling, sewing, weaving, and layering the simple materials chosen by each artist grow in complexity. The constant movement central to each artist’s process gives rise to the contemplation of time and space, and an introspective understanding of body and mind

The repetitive movements – or insistent gestures – of making carry a sense of ritual and intimate recollection that resonates with the artists’ personal histories. Here an insistent, female and labour creating subjectivity is woven into being.

Artists: Kazumi Nagano(Japan), Yong Joo Kim(South Korea), Chen Chun Tai(Taiwan), Cyrus(Wai-Kuen) Tang(Hong Kong/Australia), Yu Fang Chi (Taiwan/ Australia)

This exhibition is part of Radiant Pavilion – Early career curator mentorship, which offers an exciting opportunity for early career curator Yu Fang Chi to undertake a mentorship with RMIT Design Hub Gallery Curator Kate Rhodes. This opportunity is generously supported by the City of Melbourne and Creative Victoria.