Bringing the House Down: 12 Months of Australian Political Cartoons

This exhibition is a wickedly funny, often poignant exhibition of Australian political cartoons and illustrations. It surveys the most tumultuous moments of recent public life including the refugee crisis, the Election and the War Against Terrorism.


Bringing the House Down has been developed by the National Museum of Australia. It presents the best selection of work entered in the 2001 Political Humour Competition and is part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


Artists: Jock Alexander, Dean Alston, Joanne Applegate, Ross Bateup, Joe Benke, Warren Brown, Harry bruce, John Butcher, Cactus Island, Par Campbell, Rod Clement, Patrick Cook, Mark Cornwall, John Ditchburn, Rod Emmerson, Rocco Fazzari, Michael Fitzjames, Lindsay Foyle, Matt Golding, Heinrich Hinz, Geoff Hook, Judy Horacek,  Fiona Katauskas, Chris Kelly, Mark Knight, Sturt Krygsman, Sean Leahy, Bill Leak, Peter Lewis, Eric Lobbecke, Mark Lynch, Angie Lyndon, Neil Matterson, David Messer, Alan Moir, Steven Moore, Paul Newman, Peter Nicholson, Vine O’Farrell, Ward O’Neill, Steve Panozzo, Bruce Petty, Geoff Pryor, Alberto Ricardo, Toby Riddle, David Rowe, John Shakespeare, Ian Sharpe, Greg Smith, Phil Somerville, John Spooner, Ron Tanberg, Matt Thornton, John Tiedemann, Jo Waite, Andrew Weldon, Cathy Wilcox, Peter Wilkinson.