Tammy Wong, 'Manufactured Affection', (2002). Courtesy of the artist


Artificial Happiness

7 Oct 2004 -
6 Nov 2004

RMIT Gallery
Victoria, Australia


Curators: Zhang Zhaohui and Suzanne Davies

This exhibition reflected on the rapid development of the Chinese economy in recent years.

More and more Chinese people have access to a disposable income and Chinese consumerism is booming. Pleasure and happiness are now there for the taking – though at a price. Products which induce happiness – legally or illegally – especially amongst the young and affluent, are being developed, produced and marketed at rocket speed. Through diverse media, Chinese artists test and explore this social phenomena.

Artists include Bard Breivik, He Jie, Wen Peng, Yany Qian, Tammy Wong, Zhang Xiaotao, Zeng Yicheng. Curated by Zhang Zhaohui and Suzanne Davies.