The Model Citizen – Modelling Art

How best to model stillness, movement, repetition, labour, and dance? In this talk, artists Jondi Keane, Shaun Mcleod and Olivia Millard discuss the ways in which their artistic practice employs modelling to express the inexpressible, and to shape the way their art both tests the limit of performance, and challenges the definition of citizenship. They ask the question, what does it mean to model art? The talk will end with a Q & A.


Participating Artists: Jondi Keane, Shaun Mcleod and Olivia Millard

Image: Jondi Keane, All that is solid melts in to movement, 2018, performative installation, courtesy of the artist and Counihan Gallery, Brunswick

The Model Citizen (8 Feb – 23 March) invites audiences to decide what sort of citizens they want to be. From harvesting the data of the dead to hybrid bio robot citizens, the high stakes are explored in this compelling new exhibition.



Exhibition8 Feb – 23 Mar 2019

The Model Citizen

Are you a model citizen? Meet the micro lenses of surveillance and audit culture; the algorithm of benign search engines; the political…