Power To The People!

Madrid based Spanish artist Julio Falagán’s exhibition Power To The People! at RMIT Gallery (25 September – 24 October 2015) questions power and the established status quo through humour and irony, inviting audiences to become art collectors by photocopying his work in the gallery and taking home posters of the small format works he made through the manipulation of popular prints bought in flea markets.


Julio Falagán, Pretendientes

Exhibition25 Sep – 24 Oct 2015

Power to the People!

You are invited to become part of the process of this new Spanish exhibition, photocopying and stamping the artist’s work in the…


Questioning Power: the media and popular culture

Power to the People! RMIT Gallery exhibition panel discussion with Julio Falagán, Antonio Castillo and Ciro Márquez. Image: Julio Falagán photographed outside…