Museum of Me: RMIT students continue to create

With students having to trade in the on-campus experience for their computer screens at home, they’re looking for new and inspiring ways to show their creative hand for RMIT Gallery’s second online exhibition.

RMIT Gallery’s Museum of Me online exhibition opening 19 October, brings together 40 students from across the University to showcase their work alongside inspiring pieces from RMIT’s own Cultural Collections.

RMIT Galleries Curator Helen Rayment said Museum of Me was unique because it was entirely run by students, from conception to exhibition.

“It has been a wonderful experience to give the ‘digital’ keys of RMIT Gallery to students to lead, curate, program, organise, market and participate in an exhibition about their world during this time of deep reflection,” Helen said.

Master of Arts Management student Amy Bartholomeusz, Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) student Hui Wen Beverly Hew; and Bachelor of Communications (Media) student, Cristina Ulloa Sobarzo formed the intern team that led the curation and organisation of the exhibition.

Cristina said the experience of creating an online exhibition had been both challenging and rewarding.

“I believe it is so important for student works to be seen, shared, and appreciated, and I’m very proud of what we and all the exhibitors have achieved with Museum of Me,” she said.

One reason the exhibition is so unique is that is includes student exhibitors who are not limited to the School of Art.

One of Museum of Me’s student exhibitors, Mechanical Engineering student Rohan Kalisch, said while art hadn’t always played a huge part in his life, a friend sparked his passion by introducing him to street art when he moved to Melbourne from Adelaide.

Rohan Kalisch
Find yours, 2020
Acrylic, aerosol and pigment on canvas
150 x 100cm

“Since RMIT is such a creatively focused university, I thought if they give any opportunities to non-arts students I’d love to get involved,” Rohan said.

Rohan’s practice revolves around mural and canvas work, and during lockdown, has found the lines blurring between his personal art projects and his study – but with positive outcomes.

”It’s meant that I can break away from a logical thought process, and engage in something creative where there’s no set formulas and functions, and there’s no pressure.”

Museum of Me can be viewed on RMIT Gallery’s website from 19 October 2020 to 5 March 2021.

Join the intern team in conversation with a range of student exhibitors online on Thursday 29 October, register here.

Image: Intern team (from left) Amy Bartholomeusz, (on screen, left) Cristina Ulloa Sobarzo and Hui Wen Beverly Hew.

Story by Cristina Ulloa Sobarzo, RMIT Culture Intern, Bachelor of Communications, RMIT.