Are you ready to get cultured?

Introducing the RMIT Culture Quiz – a new weekly trivia quiz celebrating all that RMIT Culture has to offer.

Throughout the year, RMIT Culture has adapted to the changing environment to keep staff, students and the public engaged with the arts and creative industries, and to celebrate our creative spaces.

Enter the new RMIT Culture Quiz – focusing on the fascinating and unusual facts that make RMIT Culture so special.

Developed by Engagement Manager Dr Evelyn Tsitas and prepared RMIT Culture intern Gabriella Hills (Bachelor of Communications), the interactive quiz will deep dive into a different area each week, from the AFI Research Collection, RMIT Gallery, The Capitol, First Site Student Gallery and more.

Hills said over the next nine weeks, the quiz will bring to light just a small piece of the vast world of RMIT Culture.

“We hope that people will see RMIT Culture from a fresh perspective, and continue to remain engaged with creative industries,” she said.

RMIT Culture brings together the University’s cultural spaces, creative programs and art, film, design and research collections, providing valuable support for the university’s learning and teaching activities and opportunities to inspire creativity and collaboration.

The first week of the quiz kicks off with The Capitol – a cultural icon. This beautiful and historic space has been enjoyed by RMIT staff, students and the public for decades.

Originally built in 1924, The Capitol has undergone a thorough modern, state-of-the-art makeover, while still retaining its original charm and beauty. You may be familiar with the landmark, but do you know who designed the building? Do you know how many lights illuminated the roof?Are you aware of the creative ways The Capitol has adapted to Victoria’s lockdown?

Story by Gabriella Hills

Image: John Gollings, photographer. The Capitol ceiling and theatre. 2019.

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