Got an idea for a show?

With a focus on external and internal partnerships and digital dissemination, the exhibition program delivers visceral experiences of visual art, new media, sonic art, design, popular culture, technology and art fusions in its five museum-standard galleries.

Planning for exhibitions commences at least two years in advance and is guided by strategic University priorities in consultation with relevant members of the RMIT Exhibitions Advisory Panel.
A flexible matrix of issues, demographics, and opportunities enables the Gallery to present a wide range of topics and media. An annual calendar is published in March each year.

Exhibitions are supported by public programs, print and online publications, marketing collateral, and promotion across all media platforms, including virtual tours. The calendar of activities includes exhibitions and events that partner with festivals and major events.

RMIT Gallery programs exhibitions of local, Australian and international creative works, research outcomes and creative stories. The gallery promotes social and academic interaction between the University and the global public. Priority is given to proposals that align with the University’s research agenda to 2020, RMIT Strategic Plan: Ready for Life and Work . Examples of some recent exhibitions that fulfil these criteria are: Morbis Artis: Diseases of the Arts, Ocean Imaginaries, Performing Mobilities and Music, Melbourne + Me.

To propose an exhibition, in the first instance, a discussion with RMIT Gallery staff is essential and the gallery welcomes the approach at any time. After this discussion please submit a written proposal with supporting visual material, including no more than eight images, 10 minutes of video or 10 minutes of audio (or a combination). You can submit your portfolio to RMIT Gallery electronically to, using a file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer.