Exhibitions in 2017

Contagion by (((20hz))), 2017.

18 – 19 Feb 2017

Viral Screens

Witness the chaotic spread of contagion as it infects and decomposes images spread across a nine-screen video installation. (((20hz)))’s Contagion devolves from…

Chris Henschke, Song of the Phenomena, 2016.

18 – 19 Feb 2017

Last night of Morbis Artis: Diseases of the Arts from sunset to sunrise

What constitutes life, what counts a sentient being, and who gets to determine what lives are saved, punished, exploited and destroyed? Step…

Girlie Werewolf Project by Jazmina Whitenight (2017)

18 – 19 Feb 2017

What Big Teeth You Have

“What big teeth you have” is a light show with bite emerging from the façade’s suffragette hues to form billboard-sized sentinels of…

18 – 19 Feb 2017


Audiovisual artist MindBuffer (who illuminated Storey Hall in 2016) team up with world renowned digital artist Andy Thomas to flood the building’s…

Burning Bush by Harry Nakin (2015)

10 Mar – 13 Apr 2017

Behind the Lens: 130 years of RMIT Photography

RMIT University’s photography students and staff have captured and contributed to the shifting cultural and political climate in Australia over the last…

The Portal, Storey Hall

2 – 3 May 2017

Oceans: new and classic electro-acoustic compositions

A concert of works inspired by the sounds of oceans, performed over two nights, comprising new works and classics of the electro-acoustic…

Inertia (2011) Jason deCaires Taylor.

5 May – 1 Jul 2017

Ocean Imaginaries

Ocean Imaginaries focuses on some of the contradictions and conflicted feelings raised by how the ocean is imagined in an age of…

Number of the Machine in rehearsal. Image: Dian McLeod.

19 May – 10 Jun 2017

Number of the Machine

Audiences are invited to watch this kinetic sculpture as two human bodies become components, disassembling and laboriously transporting a timber dwelling from…