Exhibitions in 2015

20 Mar – 30 May 2015

Unfolding: New Indian Textiles

Indian textile designers are the envy of the rest of the world because they continue to have close, easy contact with all…

'Banaras Backs ' Terry Burrows

20 Mar – 30 May 2015

Backs of Banaras

The display of large photographic prints in the exhibition Backs of Banaras lines up many torsos along the ghats of the Ganges…

Ken + Julia Yonetani

20 Mar – 30 May 2015

Japanese Art After Fukushima: Return of Godzilla

In light of Japan’s nuclear past and present, the threat of atomic annihilation has long influenced Japanese artists. This exhibition will focus…

13 Aug – 25 Sep 2015

Against The Grain – RMIT Gallery pop up collection exhibition

As part of the 700s Arts Festival, Against the Grain will enable students to enjoy being surrounded by works from both modern…

Julio Falagán, Pretendientes

25 Sep – 24 Oct 2015

Power to the People!

You are invited to become part of the process of this new Spanish exhibition, photocopying and stamping the artist’s work in the…

Graeme Miller, Beheld, (detail, Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom), 2006-2015. Photograph Graeme Miller, courtesy of the artist.

25 Sep – 24 Oct 2015

Performing Mobilities

Expositions and mobile performances that explore and reimagine movement, place and event with local relevance and global resonance. This exhibition of new…

Geniale Dilletanten: Subculture in Germany in the 1980s

13 Nov 2015 – 25 Feb 2016

Geniale Dilletanten: Subculture in Germany in the 1980s

Geniale Dilletanten (Brilliant Dilletantes), the deliberately misspelled title of the concert held in Berlin’s Tempodrom in 1981, has become a synonym for…