Exhibitions in 2008

Zandra Rhodes

11 Feb – 22 Mar 2008

Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles

A stunning exhibition of Zandra Rhodes’ unrivalled designs will be on display in the first major retrospective of the fashion doyen’s garments…

Reception Room

9 Apr – 17 May 2008

Come-In: Interior Design as a Contemporary Art Medium in Germany

The international touring exhibition showcases the work of 25 young German artists, who explore the intersection between fine art and applied design….

Installation image. Black robe, white mist: Art of the Japanese Buddhist nun Rengetsu

5 – 28 Jun 2008

Black Robe, White Mist: Art of the Japanese Buddhist nun Rengetsu

Ōtagaki Rengetsu (or Lotus Moon 1791–1875) was one of very few successful female artists of 19th Century Japan. Her tragic life inspired…

Dyeing to hear Jacqueline Andrew

5 – 28 Jun 2008

New Scientist Eureka Science Photography Prize 2007

What is science? The New Scientist Eureka Prize for Science Photography expands our view with an exhibition of 24 works from the…

Beyond Metal: Contemporary Australian Jewellery and Holloware

5 Jun – 19 Aug 2008

Beyond Metal: Contemporary Australian Jewellery and Holloware

Beyond Metal showcases the work of 27 of Australia’s finest jewellery and holloware practitioners. Australia’s jewellery and holloware combines the raw aesthetic…

11 Jun – 23 Aug 2008

envelop: kwodrent x farmwork

envelop features one of Asia’s most exciting young designers, Singapore-based Grace Tan. After a successful career in fashion, Grace started kwodrent in…

Klaus Rinke

11 Jul – 23 Aug 2008

Klaus Rinke’s recent drawings: Rhine • Ruhr • Loire • Danube • Pacific • Connection • Re-Australia

Klaus Rinke forged his reputation as a leader of the avant-garde in Germany, using his own body as a measure of space…

Southerns Cross - to bear and behold, Jill Orr

12 Sep – 18 Oct 2008

Heat: Art and climate change

This exhibition includes Australian and international artists working in a diverse range of media to demonstrate how contemporary international art practice is…