Danny McDonald, Palindrome, 1998. Exhibited at RMIT Gallery as a part of the Transformation exhibition.


Transformations – The fine art of print and the computer

9 Jul 1998 -
14 Aug 1998

RMIT Gallery
Melbourne VIC


Tristan Humphries

The works in this exhibition of British artists represents a diverse range of approaches to the integration of digital imaging and printing techniques within the fine art context. The resulting work includes three dimensional works, works on paper using digital output and traditional printmaking techniques of lithography, etching and silk screen printing. The touring exhibition has been supported by the British Council.

Artists: George Whale, Naren Barfield, Tim O’Rielly, Tony Wilson, Jeffry Edwards, Raz Barfield,  Paul Coldwell, Charlotte Hodes, Brian Hodgson, Eileen Hogan, Christopher Kent, Peter Laurie, Peter Lee, Richard Slee, and Tristan Humphries.